Becoming An Impressionist In Comedy

Comedy has become a vast field in today’s time. There are many genres of comedy are available to choose from. Whether its sketch humor, dead pan, shock comedy, or blue humor, you will have plenty of options to explore. If you are struggling for becoming a comedian, you will have many areas to focus on. First thing is first, ask yourself are you a good impressionist or not.

You cannot be a good comedian if you don’t know the art of impressionism. It simply means you mick other people, their way of talking, their mannerism and their movements.  There are many stand up comedians who have chosen to be impressionists. Theseinclude Rich Little, Frank Caliendo and Dana Carvey.

It will require a great deal of effort from your side to become an impressionist. You must have great observation skills if you want to mimic multiple characters. If you are confused which figures you should impersonate for your act then don’t worry, there are lots of options available. You can start with sports figures, political figures or even the celebs. Once you are really into this, you will see that there are endless possibilities available.

The most important aspect of impressionism is the voice of the person.  It is not just the way theytalk that you will have to copy, but you will also have to copy the talking speed, their volume andreelection also. This also includes their dressing style. If you don’t focus on this, then you will never be able to please the audience. They might not even get whom you are impersonality.  After this comes the facial expressions. Making the exact facial expressions is not easy. You will have to observe and study a lot of things in order to really act like the person you are imitating.

Honestly, this stand up comedy genre is the hardest but if you are really good at impersonating then you can bring lots of laughs from your audience. Join a comedy class or just watch the stand up comedy videos of the professional stand up comedians in order to learn how it’s done.

You must once give a performance to a bunch of home audience so that you can get some suggestions and recommendations. Their feedback is going to tell you whether you are really getting into the game or not. Don’t forget to practice it all in order to get good at it.

How a Stand up Comedian Should Perform?

Many of us have no idea about what we should say and what we should avoid in front of some unknown people. This is the common lesson that our parents teach us since we are kids. But as we grow up, it’s us, who has to decide about what to say in front of whom. At that time, we get pretty careful about whatever we speak.

Talking on the broader scale, in professional life, we also have to be careful but what if you have to face new people on daily basis? This sounds pretty terrific. Well, this is the real life of stand up comedians. They have to perform daily in front of the new faces, new minds, and new group of people. Therefore, it requires some extra efforts to focus what to say in front of them and what should be avoided.

If you are comedian then you should be aware of the fact that people get offensive easily and their offense could cause serious damage to your comedian career. Therefore, you need to be cautious while delivering some jokes. Most probably, the professional stand up comedians have an idea that what sort of audience they are going to face. That is why they prepare their whole act accordingly. If you do not know that from which background your audience belongs to then the simple rule is to perform the comedy related to daily life problems. You can talk about funny marriage encounters, funny scenes with the friends at hangout, living experience with the parents, your first day on job, and things like that. These are the common topics that every person goes through in daily life.

Another important thing in any stand up comedy act is that the punch line should be very solid. Punch line is the key line that entertains your audience the most. The punch line should be very short yet powerful. Check some stand up comedy videos tutorials for that.  A lengthy punch line will only bored your audience and this could be the possibility that they would be unable to understand it. So, avoid the lengthy punch line.

You can also take the tips about the content usage and delivery from the old famous stand up comedy videos that are easily available on internet and DVDs. You can be a victorious stand up comedy star by following these simple tips.  

Impressionist Comedy

I’ve covered off the many and varied genres of comedy that stand up comedians can choose from, but one I’ve not covered much is the artform of the impressionist.  Probably one of the less common genres, an impressionist comedian not only has to be skilled at writing and performing humorous material, they also have to perfect their impressions.  Revolving an act around mimicking other people and copying their mannerisms, movements and speech is not easy and usually comedians who use this style found they had a knack for mimicry at a young age.

If you are performing for friends and family, you have probably been mimicking a family friend or someone familiar to them.  If you are moving on to performing in public, you should think about how the audience can identify with your impersonation.  That usually means, more well known impressionists will stick to impersonating celebrities, famous politicians or sports figures.  The person they are impersonating will generally be well known to most, if not all of the audience. 

Depending on your personal choice, you may choose to focus on impersonating just one person, or a selection.  There are pro’s and con’s to both.  If you choose to stick to one, there is a risk that the audience may soon become bored.  Similarly, if you copy too many, the audience may be disappointed you didn’t perform more of a particular character and you may also struggle to perfect so many in one performance.

Generally, you should be satisfied that you have perfected your performance without the need to tell the audience who you are impersonating.  Obviously the most important part of your impression is getting the voice right, including the speed at which they talk and any dialect or accent.  Next will be to become familiar and copy any mannerisms, gestures and facial expressions.  Obviously, the more famous the person you are impersonating, the more material should be available to you to research.  Check out if they have a web page and for any material on Youtube.

Lastly, having perfected your impersonation, you will need to consider how you can make your comedy material relevant to that person.